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    1. What is a Client Reference Number?
    A Client Reference Number (CRN) is your unique reference number to Spurs. It is a seven digit number that starts with a 2 or a 3. You may already have a CRN if you have booked tickets, One Hotspur membership, used the online Spurs Shop or registered on before.

    2. Where do I find my Client Reference Number?
    Your Client Reference Number (CRN) can be found either on emails that we send to you – or on your One Hotspur Membership & Stadium Access card.

    3. I don’t have a Client Reference Number?
    You do not need a Client Reference Number to use, but to book tickets, buy membership or access certain parts of the site you will need to create an account. Register for an account and you will be allocated a CRN immediately and sent an email confirmation of this number.

    4. I can’t remember my Client Reference Number?
    To receive a reminder of your Client Reference Number, visit our Forgotten Client Reference Number and enter your email address and date of birth (dd/mm/yyyy) to retrieve and have it emailed to you.

    5. I’ve forgotten my password?
    To be sent a new password, please click on 'forgotten password' on the Log In screen and follow the instructions. A new password will be sent to your registered email account.

    6. I’ve got a Client Reference Number but no password?
    You will need to activate your account. Go to the log in page for your account – click on the left hand side of the page to‘activate account’ where you will be asked to create a password. You may also be asked to enter some more information about yourself to complete your account.

    7. How do I activate my account?
    Go to the log in page for your account – click on the left hand side of the page to ‘activate account’ where you will be asked to create a password. You may also be asked to enter some more information about yourself to complete your account.

    8. How do I register an account?
    Go to the register an account page for your account – click on the bottom right hand side of the page on the button ‘create account’ where you will be taken to a page to enter your contact information. You will be sent a confirmation of your unique Client Reference Number – keep this safe, as you will need this in future to access your account.

    9. Can I still use my old Spurs Shop account?
    If you have purchased on the online Spurs Shop before, we have stored all your existing contact information, delivery addresses and purchase history – this will still be available to you when you log in using your new Client Reference Number and password. If you prefer not to use this account details, you can log in to the Spurs Shop using a guest account, but this will not have all your existing information stored.

    10. How do I edit the details on my account?
    Log into your account and edit your contact details as you require. We recommend that you keep details on your account as up to date as possible, especially any payment card details stored for Cup Guarantee Schemes or Direct Debit arrangements.

    11. Why do I have to add more details to my account?
    We want to ensure that we are able to contact you in the correct manner and with the right information. By having some more information about you this allows us to keep our information for supporters consistent in quality and enable us to ensure we can manage your account more securely and efficiently.

    12. Why do I still need to sign into the different areas of the site, even though it’s the same password?
    Like many other global websites, security is key in using websites, especially where transactions and purchases are being made. Asking you to confirm your details by logging in again is to reconfirm your account and ensure all parts of are accessible to you as a registered supporter. We also recommend that once you have finished your session that you log out of your account rather than just closing your browser. This is especially recommended if you are using a shared or public computer. For more information about our Privacy Policy click here 

    13. How do I change my contact preferences including which emails I receive?
    You can change some of the preferences on your account at any time. However we offer a more details email preference centre for you - which can be accessed by a link at the bottom of each email that we send you. Or you can inform us in writing about any change to preferences. Please click here to read more about our Privacy Policy.

    14. I have more than one Client Reference Number – which one should I use?
    We have consolidated Client Reference Numbers where supporters held more than 1. We have used the account that has the most recent or relevant supporter activity to you. Please refer to emails that we have sent you which will highlight the Client Reference Number that we have as your main account.

    15. I don’t want to put my details in on-line?
    You can always create an account by calling any of the departments in the Club – Ticket & Membership, Shop or Soccer Schools. Details of these numbers can be found here.

    16. How do I contact Tottenham Hotspur about my account?
    If none of the above queries has helped answer your question, then you can contact the Club department most relevant to your query, ie Shop, Tickets, Membership etc. Click here to contact us