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    For every legend there is a forgotten hero - The Tottenham Tribute Trust is here to help them all.

    The Tottenham Tribute Trust is an organisation dedicated to serving the needs of former Spurs stars who find themselves in a situation that compromises their quality of life. It is an organisation that reaches out to members of the Spurs family who are fighting hard times either financially, medically or both and is dedicated to making sure that no former Spurs player is forgotten.

    At Tottenham Hotspur, we have been privileged to witness a glittering array of football legends and heroes, who have helped create a history and football tradition that we can be proud of. However, some of these players graced the field at a time when the financial rewards were poor and sacrifices were great. These individuals now need our help and others, maybe even heroes and legends of the more recent past, will need our help in the years to come.

    Through fund-raising events and generous donations, the Tottenham Tribute Trust has already been able to help a variety of former legends such as Les Allen, Eddie Baily, Ted Ditchburn Tommy Harmer and Bobby Smith.

    Alan Mullery (1964-72, 373 appearances, 30 goals)

    ''Well done, Tottenham, and well done The Tottenham Tribute Trust! What a marvellous boost you offer to the very icons that made our club a truly great institution. Over your six years of inauguration, it's been truly superb to see heroes of the past able to walk again, or free of pain. Many plied their wares in our colours in much less lucrative times. The Tribute Trust has become their legacy. You should be very proud of your excellent and heart-warming achievements.''

    Bobby Smith (1955-64, 317 appearances, 208 goals)

    ''I'm indebted to the Tottenham Tribute Trust for their kindness and help. Having aided me, twice, with hip and leg problems, they saved us inordinate amounts of time and worry waiting for operations, and in handling the administrative side of my hospitalization. Jean and I could never have afforded that treatment out of our weekly pensions, or known who to turn to for that kind of help. The Trust is a godsend."

    Jean Harmer (Wife of Tommy Harmer - 1951-60, 222 appearances, 51 goals)

    ''Tom and I were of an era that was loathe to ask for help. Our generation just didn't do that! When Tom's dementia was worsening, I had also suffered a traumatic colon cancer operation, and initially refused their help because I was lost in a daily routine of worry; about Tom, and for our future. I can't speak highly enough of their kindness and professionalism, and how they guided me through Tom's final days. I don't know what I'd have done without their timely intervention.''

    The Tottenham Tribute Trust seeks to continue to build a sizeable fund for the purpose of being able to look after the needs of any former Spurs player, from medical to practical.

    We are here to help give a little back to those who have given generations of joy in the Lilywhite shirt.

    Your support would be both welcomed and appreciated.